General Rules and Regulations

Violation of general rules or any conduct that may endanger or impair the safety of anyone may be    cause for permanent expulsion from the Troy Aquatic Park at the discretion of the manager without refund of fees.


Season Pass Members

Family Pass

·         Family Pass:  Family pass may include custodial parent (s) or legal guardian (s) who are legally married and/or their children age 3 - 18 who reside in the same household.  Fraudulent information listed on the membership application will be cause to revoke the membership without reimbursement. *


·         Grand Parent Pass may only e purchased in conjunction with a family pass and must be purchased at the same time with a limit of 2 grandparents per a family pass.


·         Season Pass Members must show pass each time they visit the facility.  If member does not have pass, they will be charged the daily admission rate.


·         Replacement of lost or stolen season pass is $10.00.




General Facility Rules

·         Daily admission fees are for one-time admittance.  Admission is required to re-enter.


·         The Troy Aquatic Park may close at the discretion of the Manager for the following reasons:

o        In the event of inclement weather, i.e. lightning, thunder, or rain.

o        If the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

o        If there are 25 people or fewer in the Troy  Aquatic Park complex.


·         Children under nine (9) years of age must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an individual fourteen (14) years of age or older.


·         There are  NO refunds/rain checks for inclement weather.


·         The following are not permitted within the facility: Glass, Horseplay, Running, Spitting


·         Diving is permitted in designated areas only.


·         No person shall smoke or us smoking simulation products or device on, in or upon the property of the Troy Aquatic Park . This includes smoking simulation products or devices that resemble cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other smoking devices. Patrons eighteen (18) years of age or older may smoke outside the facility.  Patrons must leave a valid Driver’s license with the front desk attendant. 


·         Lockers are available to patrons for a daily fee.


·         The use of profanity is prohibited.  Any patron using profanity will be immediately banned from the Troy Aquatic Park.  (Three Strikes you are out rule does not apply)


·         Young children in diapers must use swim diapers in pool. 


·         Appropriate swimming attire is required in the pool.  No cut-offs or thong bathing suits permitted in the pool.  White tee shirts are permitted in Aquatic Facility for sunburn protection, only when worn along with appropriate swimming attire.


·         Obey aquatic staff at all times.


·         Do not distract the Lifeguards from their duties.


·         Any person causing malicious damage to the Troy Aquatic Park or grounds will be held     financially responsible for said damage and, in addition, will lose all swimming privileges for such          period of time as the Manager deems necessary.


·         Any person caught stealing personal or City property will be permanently expelled from the Troy Aquatic Park.  In addition, the City of Troy may pursue legal prosecution to the fullest degree possible.


·         Any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused admittance    to the  Troy Aquatic Park at the discretion of the Manager.


·         Only children age 6 and under accompanied by a parent or guardian will be permitted in Baby Pool.


·         Any person having an infectious disease or open sore may be refused admission to the pool at the                 discretion of the Manager.


·         Patrons under the age of 18 are not permitted in lounge chairs.


·         Spectators must pay full admission price. 


·         Personal music devices must be kept at a reasonable volume.


·         Flotation devices permitted in Troy Aquatic Park are as follows:  personal water wings; water rings 14” in diameter or smaller; and fun noodle.  These items are permitted in the shallow water of the pool ONLY. 


·         Public display of affection is prohibited.


·         Roller blades, skates, skateboards, or bikes are not permitted beyond the Admission booth.


·         Rest breaks are schedule on the 45 of the hour for (15) minutes.  18 and under must exit the water.  Children six (6) and under may remain in the water with an adult.



·         Coolers are permitted.  Management has the right to inspect the coolers.  There is no alcohol or glass permitted 



Diving Well Rules


·         One person is permitted on the board at a time.  The next diver must wait on deck until board is clear.


·         Before diving, make sure all area is clear of swimmers or divers and that the previous diver has made it all the way to the ladder.


·         Dive straight off end of board.


·         The following are not permitted in the diving well:

                * Double springing

                * Springing from a seated position

                * Hanging from board

                * Cartwheels

                * Handstands

                * General swimming


·         After diving, swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool immediately


·         Adult or guardians are not permitted to catch a child diving off the board.


·         At any time, a person who appears to be a weak swimmer may be required to pass a basic swimming performance test before being permitted to dive.


·         Floatation devices are not permitted on the diving boards or in the diving well area.


Waterslide Rules


·         Persons must go down slide in feet first position either seated or lying on their back. 


·         Floats, masks, eyeglasses, etc. are not permitted to be worn down the slide.


·         Climbing up the slide is prohibited.


·         After entering the slide flume, stopping is not permissible.


·         Rider must exit slide pool immediately after sliding.


·         Rider must be 48" (inches) tall.


·         Running starts are not permitted.


·         Spinning or tumbling while riding slide is not permitted.


·         Only one person allowed down the slide at a time.





Restroom Rules


1.             Children (4) four years of age and older must use the gender appropriate restroom or be supervised in the family changing rooms.


2.             Smoking in restrooms is not permitted.


3.             Loitering is not permitted.




Any patron abusing the rules of the Troy Aquatic Park will be disciplined by using the “three strikes, you’re out” policy!  Rules are posted at the pool and copies are available at the front desk. 


1st Offense                 Warning.

2nd Offense                1-3 day suspension from Troy Aquatic Park.  Management will be in contact with parent or                                      legal guardian

3rd Offense                 Suspended from the pool for the season.



Troy Aquatic Park Rules are subject to change without notice. 

Troy Aquatic Park rules will be amended when deemed advisable for the protection of the health, safety, and enjoyment of all patrons.


* Updated September 16, 2015